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A Revolutionary New Flying Disc!

The coolest thing you’ll ever fling!

The Wicked Wing Flying Thing® is a new aerodynamically designed flying disc that can be thrown up to 100 yards and beyond!

You have to see it to believe it!!

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the world's farthest flying disc
Wicked Wing Flying Thing

What Makes This Flying Disc Special?

The Wicked Wing Flying Thing®, is made to rule over the wind for outdoor sports. “Wicked” means going beyond reasonable limits.
The Wicked Wing Flying Thing ® is an exciting new flying disc featuring a wickedly unique aerodynamic design that enables it to perform in superior ways when compared to other flying discs. We have a new design which raises the bar on flight performance. We field tested each aspect of the design to confirm our findings and created something very special and well worth ownership.

Wicked Wing Attributes

Other Flying Disc Attributes

The Wicked Wing Flying Thing® can be thrown very low to the ground for up to 100 yards, even as low as inches and still maintain its lift across a level field. Other flying discs do not have enough lift to maintain a low flight pattern, especially in distances approaching 100 yards.
The Wicked Wing Flying Thing® can easily fly into the wind, even if the wind is strong. Other flying discs get easily pulled downward from high winds.
The Wicked Wing Flying Thing® can be thrown in a controlled manner; it can be thrown to curve right or left at will. Other flying discs lose their stability when thrown at angles.
The Wicked Wing Flying Thing’s® wings act as handles, creating extra initial force and constant lift. Other flying discs have no handles or wings to give them extra force, lift or stability.
The wings of the Wicked Wing Flying Thing® deter it from rolling continuously when landing on the ground. Other flying discs that are round will roll inconveniently away from intended targets.
The Wicked Wing Flying Thing® is designed to be thrown more similarly to a baseball making it easier to aim at targets. It does not have to be thrown back-handed. Other discs are typically thrown in a back-handed style which can affect distance and accuracy.
The Discovery Channel Store Gift Guide. Find a gift for everyone on your list!